Installing Windows server 2012 R2.

Windows server is an Enterprise Level Server OS, it is used for many kinds of server, Exchange, SharePoint, MSSQL just to name a few.

You can download an evaluation copy of windows server here, the evaluation lasts for 180 days so gives you plenty of time to play with it. You will need a Microsoft account.

Once you have download it you can either install it on a VM or install it straight on to a PC. Let’s get started.

Once you boot up the ISO file you will come across this screen.

VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_30_47

Set the correct language and keyboard layout and click next.

VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_32_15

Now click install now.

You will get this screen pop up now, I’m going to be installing “Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Evaluation (Server with GUI). This will install windows server with the classic start menu. Server core only install windows PowerShell, and you manage the server from PowerShell this should only be used for advanced users only.

VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_33_30


Click next.

VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_38_18

Click the check box and click next.

Click on custom

VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_39_47 VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_40_49

Click new then apply

Should look something like this now

VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_41_28

Now we’ll see it installing.

VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_42_21

Let it do this thing, it should reboot once it has finished.

Next we set up our local administrator account. Enter your password and click finish

VirtualBox_sharepoint server test_12_02_2016_14_54_07

Next it will take you to the log in screen, log and that’s it.