Disable and Enable add-ins Microsoft Outlook

You may come across some issue with outlook regarding add-in, if you notice something disappear in outlook, this might be a add-in that has disabled it self. Microsoft Outlook disables add-ins if the add-in error or takes a long time to load. To get around this you may need to force the add-in to be always on.

To enable add-ins that outlook has disabled.

Click File -> Slow and Disabled Add-ins  as shown below



You will get a dialog like this




I noticed my gpgOL add-in disappeared so ill Always enable this add-in so outlook will ignore how slow it will make outlook.

Disable add-ins you don't need.

Disabling add-ins might be useful if your outlook it running slowly.

Click File -> Options -> Add-Ins you should get the dialog shown below.


Click Go…



Uncheck the add-in you want to disable. Again I’m using GpgOL for this example.



Click OK, restart Outlook and the add-in will be disabled